Friday, 13 April 2012

Girl, Flowers, Birds.

I love it when a chance comes up for me to do detailed line art.  Its time-consuming, repetitive, and incredibly rewarding. For my decorative illustration final, we had to create an extremely detailed piece that would be transformed into a macbook cover.  I spent roughly 12 hours on this over 2 weeks.  Last night i slept 1.5 hours in the attempt to finish it for this mornings class.  I am really pleased with it. However, as much as I love the black and white, i am interesting in testing out colors too!! Sooo keep posted for color tests;)

Dedicated to all you Bird and Flower Lovers;) Happy Spring!!


  1. I love the use of patterns? Is that the right word for all of the different design motifs? If it were music, I would refer to all the different patterns as motifs. What is the proper word choice when describing art? I now understand all of your Facebook references to hand cramping;) Your illustrations are stunning!

    1. haha thanks Auntie Debbie! I would call them patterns and textures:) My hands are not use to this kind of detail yet!